7 tips to help you perform excellently in Bed

1.  Communicate with your partner: If you are suffering from sexual anxiety or any of the three disorders above, you will benefit from talking to your partner. Women are usually understanding about such issues. Besides, this will lead her to come up with ways to help you out. Plus, you will not increase your anxiety by worrying that you need to keep your issues a secret from her.
2. Take your time: Sex is not a race. You should slow down and enjoy the process, whether or not you have se xual disorders. You will only perform your best when you are se xually ready.
3.\’Me\’ time: Masturbation helps you find solutions to your sexual issues without all the pressure. Besides, the more you know what you like and what triggers you, the more likely you are find a solution that works.
4. Cock rings: Cock rings fit tightly around the base of the penis shaft. Put it on while you are already hard and it will constrict the blood flow keeping it inside the penis and thus keeping it hard. They can enhance orgasm too. Some even have an extension to massage her clitoris during s ex, and on some, it even vibrates. It’s a great se x toy for all couples, with sexual disorders and without.
5. Resist the alcohol temptation: Having a little drink is okay to calm your nerves, but having too much is a no no. Not only will you perform sub-par, you will lose control of yourself and this does not work for anyone.
6. Dirty talk: If you are find it difficult to cum, or you lose your erection, a little dirty talk might be the boost and motivation you need. Most guys will have a couple of phrases that will drive them wild when women say them during se x. Let her know what they are before you take it to the bedroom. Don’t worry, she’ll remember.
7. Say No to p0rn: An addiction to pornography will most likely ruin your se x life, especially if you have any one of the disorders mentioned above. You probably don’t think you’re addicted to porn, but ask yourself this: does whatever problem you have during se x happen when you’re alone watching porn? If the answer is no, there’s a good chance that porn is responsible for your problem. P0rn sets terribly unrealistic expectations, and can make s ex less enjoyable. As an experiment, quit all porn for a month. No matter what, don’t watch, read or look at any. When mas turbating, don’t use any tv, movies, magazines or newspapers, keep your fantasy entirely within your imagination. During sex, you’ll find yourself much more in the moment. The results may shock you.

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