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6 Reasons To Have S3x Against The Wall (So Sweet)


6 Reasons To Have S3x Against The Wall (So Sweet)

S3x against a wall seems like a lot of daunting task for most men, they are always bothered if they will be strong enough to make the style worth it for their partners but those worries are very unnecessary as you don’t need to try very hard to enjoy this s3x position. No need lifting your woman off the floor, you can both stand together and still make the s3x thrilling.

Here are some reasons why you should try out s3x against the wall with your partner.

“This position helps you hit her G-spot and stimulate her clitor!s giving you deep penetration into her vag!na”.

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“Make things a little interesting, by making your woman wrap her legs around your waist as you get closer, with her back against the wall, all you have to do is hold her as you try to penetrate her”.

“Intensify the act by not taking off all your clothes, you can rip off some but not all for a quickie, allow your woman to unB.utton your shirt without str!pp!ng”.

“When in a standing position as you thrust in and out, ask your woman to tighten her thighs as it helps in better friction and penetration”.

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“S3x against the wall allows you to fondle her bre3sts and kiss her neck more”.

“The standing position against the wall is also perfect for 0ral s3x as well”.



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