5 Seriously S*xy Positions If Your Partner Has a Skinny Pe**s

So you know what to do with an incredibly thick peen, but what about a thin one? There are just two things to keep in mind

The Tiny Tilt

If he’s thin and long, take advantage. Lie flat on your stomach with your legs slightly spread. Once he’s in, shift your legs so his are on the outside and yours are pressed together. Tilt your b*tt up so his head hits optimal spots for internal stimulation.

The Presser

Start with doggy for deep penetration then push your legs firmly together for a tighter fit. Your partner puts their legs outside of yours, pressing their thighs together over yours to tighten the squeeze even more. Plus, something about muscular thighs holding you into position is amazingly effective in negating any size issues.

The Slim Slow Slider

Get on your back, with a pillow under your b*tt. Lift your legs up straight, cross them at the ankle, and tilt your pelvis back so your partner is hitting the upper wall of your v**ina. Using your kegel exercises, you can squeeze your partner for a tighter feel internally.

The Brawny Lad

Lie on your back with your legs crossed, aka Criss Cross Apple Sauce but raunchier. He kneels with your b*tt on his lap. He can increase his girth AND give you clit stim if he grasps onto his peen, keeping his pointer finger extended over the top and also inserting it in you as he thrusts. Bonus points if he makes small circles around your clit with his thumb. It’s an instant upgrade for both of you.

The Double Spoon

If you’re super craving a thick man-hood, just friggin’ buy one. Lie on your side in a semi-fetal position slipping your silicone dildo lovah inside and have your actual partner come in from the back. It’s pretty much an*l spooning, but don’t call it that. You get the feeling of being filled—doubly so—and he gets the ~unique~ feel of your a*s. Whether you (or your partner…) want to pretend Mr. Silicone is another dude is entirely up to you.

source: Cosmopolitan

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