4 Awesome Positions For Men With Small Manhood To Enjoy Sex


Is your Pen.!s less than 2.8 inches? Know that a guy who thinks his Pen.!s is small may get much larger after erection, even larger than a guy who seems to have a huge machine.

Many men with small Pen.!ses think they cannot have awesome [email protected]:’.

This is wrong.

Every man can actually have satisfying [email protected]:’, depended on his creativity, foreplay skills, and ability to choose and execute the right [email protected]:’ position for his Pen.!s and the body of his partner.

It is all about you using what you have (small Pen.!s) to get what you want.

Here are some positions to help you achieve that….

1. Y-Curve Doggie [email protected]:’ Position – here, the female is lying face down while her body (preferably from waist is partly off a low bed with only her legs on the mattress, her palms/forearms on the floor for support and her legs together. The man then penetrates from behind using her B.uttocks as a grip.

2. Tight Squeeze Doggie [email protected]:’ Position – this is a variation of the doggie style where the woman is lying with her stomach down on a flat surface and her legs squeezed together. The man then parts her but and penetrates from behind partner in the reverse Missionary position. This position makes the [email protected]!nal walls compressed tightly around the Pen.!s, creating a snugger [email protected]!nal opening. The women can also gyrate her pelvis for greater effect.

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