3-year-old Girl with Stomach the Size of a Beach Ball Cries Out for Help After Suffering from Kidney Tumour (Photos)

A girl whose stomach is as big as a volley ball as a result of kidney tumour has cried out for help.

A little 3-year-old girl suffering from a common form of pediatric cancer, with her stomach bloated to the size of a beach ball has cried out for help.

The girl from India’s Chitrakoot Dham Karwishows graphic photos of the little girl. The illness which is also called Wilms Tumours – a rare form of growths that target the kidneys has left her in pains.

Identified only as Sohana, the infant is shown on a busy roadside – stomach protruding – while being held by a relative, Dailymail reported.

The child’s painful-looking mass is so swollen that the youngster appears unable to wear her clothes properly, with her t-shirt barely covering the tumour’s tip and her elasticated trousers gathered underneath it.

A second image shows white gauze attached to her side, which suggests she has either undergone pre-surgery testing or has suffered a surface recent wound. The parents of the little girl have called on people to assist them find a solution to their daughter’s problem.


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