3 positions you can enjoy anytime, anywhere

what-she-wants-you-try-tonightThese three [email protected]:’ positions are fantastic and perfect for almost any situation. Perfect these moves and you will be in for a really awesome ride, anytime, anywhere.

You might be a pro when it comes to dozens of [email protected]:’ moves, but there are a few basic ones that you absolutely must master . These moves are extremely versatile and can be tried almost everywhere.

1. Sit and Rock

He sits on a chair or couch, and she straddles him. She can choose to face him or face away from him. This move can be very subtle since it can work with gentle grinding and rocking. You can try this move in the bedroom, living room, your car, or anywhere that has a chair, basically. It is also possible for you to try this in a semi-public setting as, with the right adjustment, you can keep your clothes on while you do this.

2. Stand and Deliver

This is another [email protected]:’y move that requires little or no props. It is perfect for quickies in the most random places like restaurant restrooms, or other secluded spots. This move is also perfect because it makes [email protected]$m more likely for both partners.

3. The Bend-Over

Just like the Stand and Deliver, The Bend-Over is another great move for quickies and is a great alternative to the former if he is not capable of holding her weight for as long as needed. All he needs to do is hold on to her pelvis as she bends over.


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